Enjoy a drink that tastes just as good as it makes you feel!

Thrive Remedies organic adaptogenic teas are an innovative and functional twist on iced teas. We carefully select organic teas and extracts for the best quality and flavour. They are artfully blended to give a subtle yet naturally sweet and smooth taste.  

Caffeine, Sugar and Calorie-free

These organic adaptogenic teas are caffeine, sugar and calorie-free, made with a blend of traditional and medicinal herbs. Each infusion has distinct properties to aid in your health and wellbeing. With smooth notes of rooibos tea and a subtly sweet flavour, this drink is delicious hot or cold.

All of the remedies contain carefully selected organic adaptogens. Adaptogens are a class of herbs that help the body resist stressors, whether biological, chemical or physical. Adaptogens are given this name because of their ability to "adapt" the way they function to the particular needs of the body. We've crafted each remedy with this in mind to help you combat everyday stressors.


Adaptogenic herbs have been used around the world for centuries as an alternative to traditional medicine. Yet they are underused and under-recognized in the pharmaceutical world. Stay tuned to learn more about the benefits of adaptogenic herbs in our latest blog posts. The Thrive blog will be updated regularly with peer-reviewed information on adaptogenic herbs and plants that have an impact on health.


Caffeine free, sugar free and calorie free wellness teas. An innovative and functional twist on iced teas. 

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